Clear and elegant prose that brings the point home without calling attention to itself.
Thirty years of professional writing experience includes books, magazines, newspaper, radio, TV, speeches and poetry.

Latest non-commercial projects include:

Dos Coyotes – Play
An undocumented Mexican worker on the run from his present finds himself harboring a rich white girl on the run from her culture.  They find they have much in common, but diametrically opposed viewpoints.  Everything changes when they find themselves in the Mexican desert.  Can they be each others’ coyotes?

Playing With Fire – Novel
Twelve young men took off on a trek in the mountains of northern Thailand fourteen days ago: rafts, rivers, opium.  But they didn’t manage among the hill tribes as well as they expected. Now, back in Bangkok, Jackson considers the holes in his “civilized” culture, as he finds himself on the hook for manslaughter and madly in love with a woman who speaks no English.  Is this all Prometheus’ fault?  Has Pandora got her talons into Jackson?

The Billionaires’ Manifesto – Satire
A bombastic rant ostensibly from a fictitious member of America’s wealthy elite.  Includes sections on Fear Mongering On The Post 9/11 Landscape, The Five Popular Myths That Keep the Plutocracy Afloat, and Power Words for the New Millennium.

Commercial Writing and Editing
Client list and samples are available
by request:
writing (at) opprecht (dot) net

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