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I work one-on-one with writers and artists of all types.  Coaching via telephone, skype, or in person, I help people get a firm grip on their inspiration, sort out their creative vision, and find a work routine that’s right for them.  We typically schedule two sessions or more per month in which we assess goals, inspiration, mood, and the nuts and bolts of getting that creation out into the world.  But this isn’t executive coaching; I bring some of the intangible into the mix, some magic, some humor, something that speaks to the art side of what we’re all doing.

We Should Talk
There’s no charge for an initial phone session.  If you’re curious about coaching, send me a note and we’ll make time to talk.  I’ll answer any questions you have, and if you’d like we’ll do a bit of coaching too, just to see what it’s like.  It’s a painless procedure almost every time, and you might be surprised at how much help a trained coach really can be.

These situations in particular call for coaching
–     Breaking out of a rut or a pattern
–     Getting a handle on challenging projects
–     Setting goals and deadlines, and sticking to them
–     Finally “getting serious” about your writing

Especially if you’re feeling
–     Overwhelmed
–     Blocked
–     Disorganized
–     Intimidated
–     Uninspired
–     Unmotivated
–     Lost
–     Just plain Stuck

(There are proven ways of navigating through all of that crap.)

I’m a certified coach; a graduate of the Coaching for Transformation curriculum, taught in New York City through the Open Center.  I’ve been a professional writer and photographer for over two decades, published in the New York Times, the Economist, World Art, and many others. 

My latest book, The Billionaires’ Manifesto is available here.

(See clips at

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