Like a Personal Yoda

Keeping soul in balance and staying in your creative zone can be insanely challenging, especially if you’re doing it in the midst of a real-world career. Like a personal trainer at the gym, I can be in your corner, lending an ear when you need it, offering guidance when you ask for it, and helping you find the right path (and helping you create a plan of attack, if you need one).

How it works
I work with people in all fields, on a one-on-one basis. We typically speak together for an hour or so, twice a month. We delve into what’s important; craft brilliant strategies; align values, goals and actions; and if we’re able, we investigate new and more more exciting ways to BE in the world. Most sessions take place on the phone, so my clients are located around theworld.

Soul and Creativity
There are a lot of coaches and methods for getting you productive, scheduled, and motivated. But it’s a waste of time, money and effort if your plans aren’t in tune with what’s most important to you. Part of why it’s great to have a coach is that it’s not always easy to find that path to your soul. (Staying on that path can be a challenge, too.)

You Hold the Reins
We all want to know that we are the master of our domain. A coach who understands his role can support you as a peer and confidant, without breaking your creative spirit. There’s a time for listening quietly, there’s a time for offering perspective, and there’s a time for holding a clients’ feet to the fire. If we work together, we’ll build a relationship with the right amount of accountability for you.

We Should Talk
If you are curious about coaching support for your career, your soul, your project, or just your way of being in the world, contact me and we can schedule a time to talk about coaching. (There’s no charge for an initial discussion, and there is a variety of coaching plans, depending upon your needs and budget.)

These situations in particular call for coaching:

– Navigating transitions
– Incubating new projects
– Managing large endeavors
– Balancing soul and career

(There are proven ways of taking stock and getting one’s bearings.)

Especially if you’re feeling:

– Overwhelmed
– Blocked
– Disorganized
– Intimidated
– Uninspired
– Unmotivated
– Lost
– Just plain Stuck

Not Just some Schmo
I’m a certified coach; a graduate of the Coaching for Transformation curriculum at the Open Center in New York City. Their program emphasizes a holistic approach that works with the deeper agendas that we all hold for ourselves. I’m also a writer, teacher and photographer, published in the New York Times, the Economist, Look Japan, World Art, and others.

(See some of my work

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